Impersonation Protection and VIP Management

Impersonation Protection detects phishing emails that pretend to come from well-known brands or from important people within your organization.

Restriction This option is only available with an Email Advanced license.

Impersonation Protection looks for two types of impersonation:

  1. Imitation of a well-known brand, often a financial organization or online shopping site.
  2. Use of the names of important people in phishing emails.

Impersonation Protection is turned on by default and controlled by Email Security policy settings.

Note Impersonation Protection can only add banners to emails if the Smart banners feature is turned on.

VIP management

On the VIP management page you can enter up to 200 email addresses of very important people (VIPs) in your organization. Emails are monitored for signs of impersonation of these addresses.

You can manually add email addresses with the Add VIP function.

The Help me find VIPs function searches a connected Active Directory (AD) service for high-risk users. The more information you’ve added to your AD entries (for example job titles) the better the results are. You then select users from the search results.