You can add or manage users, and protect the users' computers.

You can also enable the users to protect their own devices by emailing them a setup link.

The current users are listed with their details.

Health Status. An icon shows whether the user has security alerts on any of their devices.



Green check mark

Green check mark if there are low-priority alerts or no alerts.

Amber warning sign

Amber warning sign if there are medium-priority alerts.

Red warning sign

Red warning sign if there are critical alerts.

Name Click the user's name to see details of devices and to see which has an alert.


Exchange Login.

Last Active. The last time a user reported to Sophos Central.

Group Name. This is shown if the user has been added to a user group.

Role. This shows what administration role, if any, the user has. This column is only visible if you are an administrator.

Click any column header to sort the users. By default, users are sorted according to the Last Active time.

To see full details for a user, click the user's name.

You can add users manually or automatically by protecting their devices. You can also import users in bulk from a CSV file or from Active Directory. You can also protect existing users.

To modify users, click the user's name to open and edit their user details.

You can also delete users and export lists of users.