Create a Phish Threat Campaign

Start a new campaign to test your users with an attack simulation or enroll them in mandatory training.

You create campaigns with an assistant that uses templates. The templates can be customized to suit your organization and your users. To create a campaign, do as follows:

  1. Go to Phish Threat > Campaigns. See Campaign overview.
  2. Click New Campaign and give the campaign a name.
  3. Select a campaign type.
  4. Select the language for the email template and training modules. See Template.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Choose Attack page select attacks from the various styles and difficulty levels available. Click Next.
  7. Select one or more training courses. Click Next

    Users who are tricked by the simulated attack are enrolled in these courses. Enrolling users in training after failing a test is optional.

  8. In Customize you can tailor elements of the campaign for your organization and your users. Click Next.

    The elements you can customize differ depending on the type of attack and whether you are enrolling users on training courses after failing tests. See Customize.

    Warning Customizations to the Reminder Email and the landing pages are set globally. They are used by all current and future campaigns in your account. There is no option to return them to their original format.
  9. Choose which Users or user Groups to send the campaign to. Click Next
    Click Auto-enroll new users to this campaign to enroll new users into this campaign as you add them to Sophos Central. See Auto-enrollment.
  10. Review your selections from the previous steps.
  11. Then schedule your campaign and set the Sending Increment.
    Note Any actions taken by users after the End Date are not factored into the campaign results.
  12. Click Done to save the campaign.