Set up outbound email handling with Google G Suite

You can set up email handling with Google G Suite.

To configure outbound scanning from your G Suite account:

  1. Sign in to Sophos Central.
  2. Click Email Gateway > Settings > Domain Settings /Status.
  3. Select your domain.
  4. Select Inbound and Outbound as the direction under Configure Domain.
  5. In the Outbound Gateway drop down list, select Google Apps Gmail.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Then click Configure External Dependencies.
  8. Click Outbound Settings.
  9. Copy the Outbound Relay Host address.
  10. Log on to the Google Admin Console.
  11. Go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Settings For Gmail.
  12. Click on Advanced Settings.
  13. Scroll down to the Routing section.
  14. In Outbound Gateway, paste the outbound relay host address you copied earlier.
  15. Click on the Save button.
Note Changes may take several minutes to propagate.
  • If you authenticate outgoing email using an SPF record or DKIM, you may need to update your configuration.
  • Replace with or add the SPF record: v=spf1 ~all

If you are certain that you do not have any third parties sending mail on your behalf, and all your outbound mail is routed through Sophos Email, you can add a hard fail instead: v=spf1 -all.

Note This means that your mail needs to be sent from Sophos Email to be accepted by the receiver's mail servers (if they carry out SPF checks).