You can activate and manage your Sophos licenses.

Click your account name (upper right of the user interface), select Licensing.

License Management Type

Here you can see how your licenses are managed.

Enterprise Master Licenses: Licenses are managed at enterprise level and shared between all the sub-estates managed by the enterprise.

Sub-Estate Licenses: Licenses are managed at the sub-estate level. You can only use these licenses within the sub-estate. To see the licensing details go to Sub-Estates.

You can't turn off Enterprise Master Licenses once you've selected it.

Note You can only activate and manage your licenses here if you are using Enterprise Master Licenses.

Buy a license

You can buy licenses through your partner. Select Buy Licenses to go to a page where you can sign up for licenses.

View end-user license agreement

Click this link to display the Sophos End User License Agreement in a separate window. If you want to print it, press Ctrl+P.

View your licenses and usage

A list shows your current license(s), with the following details for each license.

  • License: The name of the license you purchased.
  • Type: The type of license you have.
    Note Trial Licenses belong to sub-estates.
  • Usage: The number of users or servers using this license.
  • Limit: The maximum number of users or servers that can use this license. The limit depends on the subscription.
  • Expires: The date when the license expires.
  • License ID: License number.