When you enable Enterprise Management from a Sophos Central Admin account any other accounts associated with your customer account are linked to your Sophos Central Enterprise account as sub-estates.

To allow access the sub-estate's Sophos Central Admin administrator must:

  1. In Sophos Central Admin, click Account Details > Account Preferences.

    This shows that enterprise management has been enabled for the organization and also shows the enterprise administrator's details.

  2. Switch on enterprise admin access to the Sophos Central Admin account.

The Sub-Estates page lists your sub-estates and provides an at-a-glance view of the number of licenses they are using in each of the available categories and the status of those licenses.

You can also:

  • Create new sub-estates.
  • Unlink sub-estates.
  • Delete sub-estates.
  • Check which sub-estates have allowed the enterprise admins to access and manage their Sophos Central Admin account.
    Restriction The sub-estate's Sophos Central Admin administrator has to allow the enterprise admins to access their account. The administrator must have the SuperAdmin role to do this. Only an Enterprise Super Admin can turn off the opt-in once it is enabled.


To search for a sub-estate, enter the sub-estate’s name or the beginning of the sub-estate’s name. To display all the records again, clear the search field.

New Sub-Estate

You can create new sub-estates that allow enterprise admin access automatically.

To create a new sub-estate:

  1. Click New Sub-Estate.
  2. Enter the administrator details for the new sub-estate.
  3. Select a Data storage region. Choose from Germany, Ireland and United States.

    The default region for a sub-estate is the region of the primary sub-estate. This is the Sophos Central Admin account where Enterprise Management was originally turned on.

  4. Read and accept the privacy policy and license agreement.
  5. Click Create Sub-Estate.

    The new sub-estate shows in the list. The administrator is sent an email with setup instructions.

  6. Purchase a license for the sub-estate. Once you have done this you can manage the sub-estate inSophos Central Enterprise.

Launch Sophos Central Admin

If the sub-estate has allowed enterprise admin access, you can open the sub-estate's Sophos Central Admin account.

If the sub-estate hasn't allowed access you can't see this option.

Select the sub-estate and click Launch Sophos Central Admin.

License Details

You can view the license information associated with a sub-estate. To do this, select the sub-estate and click License Details.

License information

The licenses used by each sub-estate are listed under the license name. Click on a license name to review information about the product associated with the license.