Unlink sub-estates

You can unlink a sub-estate if you want to disassociate it from an enterprise and operate the sub-estate as an independent Sophos Central Admin account with its own licenses.

Restriction You can only unlink sub-estates if you are a Super Admin.

If you unlink a sub-estate from an enterprise that is using master licensing the resulting unlinked Sophos Central Admin account will only have trial licenses. You need to add a new license key after the 30 day trial period.

There are restrictions on unlinking sub-estates:

  • You can't unlink the primary sub-estate that was used to enable enterprise management.
  • All sub-estates that you are unlinking must have an active administrator with the Super Admin role.
  • You can't unlink sub-estates that are in the process of converting to master licensing. You can unlink sub-estates after conversion is complete.
  1. Select the sub-estates you want to unlink.
  2. Click More and then click Unlink sub-estate from this enterprise .
  3. Review the list of selected sub-estates.
  4. Select Yes, unlink the sub-estate(s) from this enterprise.
  5. Click Unlink .

Unlinked sub-estates are still part of the enterprise but you can't manage them in Sophos Central Enterprise.

Enterprise management is turned off for these sub-estate accounts inSophos Central Admin.


  • You can't re-enable enterprise management in Sophos Central Admin for an unlinked sub-estate.
  • You can't opt in to enterprise management for an unlinked sub-estate.

If you want to re-link a sub-estate or establish a new enterprise using the unlinked sub-estate you need to contact Sophos Support to request the sub-estate is linked to a different Sophos Central Enterprise account.