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About Sophos Central Enterprise
Sophos Central Enterprise enables distributed security management.
The Dashboard provides access to the most important information about your sub-estates at a quick glance.
You can view and manage the alerts for your Sophos Central Admin sub-estates that have enterprise management enabled.
The Logs pages provide reports on the security features in Sophos Central Enterprise and your sub-estates.
Audit Logs
You can export reports of actions carried out in Sophos Central Enterprise and actions by sub-estates managed from Sophos Central Enterprise.
When you turn on Enterprise Management from a Sophos Central Admin account, any other accounts associated with your customer account are linked to your Sophos Central Enterprise account as sub-estates.
Unlink sub-estates
You can unlink a sub-estate if you want to disassociate it from an enterprise and operate the sub-estate as an independent Sophos Central Admin account with its own licenses.
Delete sub-estates
Deleting a sub-estate removes the sub-estate from your enterprise and marks it for permanent deletion (after 90 days).
You can view your sub-estates' licenses using the Sub-Estate Licenses page.
The Trials page contains the list of trial Sophos Central licenses that your sub-estates have.
You can manage administrators, sign-in settings, alerts, access to the provisioning API, and global templates.
Configure email alerts
You can manage how you and your sub-estates receive email alerts..
You can view and manage the Sophos Central Enterprise administrators.
API Credentials Management
You can manage and add credentials for your sub-estates.
Set up multi-factor authentication
You can manage your multi-factor authentication sign-in settings.
Reset multi-factor authentication
You can reset the multi-factor authentication for other enterprise administrators.
Sign in using an authenticator
Find out how to sign in to Sophos Central Enterprise using the Sophos or Google authenticator.
Federated sign-in
You must be an Enterprise Super Admin to turn on federated sign-in for your administrators.
Global templates
You can create templates that consist of settings and base policies. You can apply these templates to groups of your sub-estates .
You can install Sophos Endpoint Protection on Windows computers (or servers) and Macs for any of your sub-estates.
Installer command-line options for Windows
You can use the following command-line options with the Sophos Central Endpoint installer for Windows.
Installer command-line options for Mac
The Sophos Central Endpoint installer for Mac supports the following command-line options.
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Global Security News
The Account Details page lets you manage your enterprise account.
Account Preferences
The Account Preferences page lets you switch off enterprise management and allow remote assistance.
You can activate and manage your Sophos licenses.
Enterprise Master Licenses
You can opt to manage your licenses at enterprise level. Your licenses are shared between the sub-estates managed by your enterprise. You cannot turn off Enterprise Master Licenses once you have changed license management.
Supported Web Browsers
Find out about which web browers we support.
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