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Sophos Support

Sophos Professional Services

Sophos strongly recommends the Sophos MDR Guided Onboarding experience available through our Sophos Professional Services team for peace of mind that all software is configured according to best practices.

Customers who purchase Sophos MDR Guided Onboarding will receive a dedicated onboarding specialist who will provide deployment assistance, hands-on training, and a Security Posture Assessment to ensure continued use of best practices following deployment.


Our highly skilled Sophos Professional Services team also offers separate packages that cover basic setup and integration.

For more information, please contact your Sophos account manager.

Scope of Support

  • Global Support Services (GSS) will provide documentation for the configuration of 3rd Party elements used in the Integrations

    • GSS will support what is listed in the documentation and will rely upon the customer to be the expert on the configuration of their particular 3rd party product
    • GSS will perform ‘Commercially Reasonable’ support of the 3rd Party Elements. This is defined as:

      • Walking the customer through the Sophos provided documentation
      • Answering questions about the material presented in Sophos documentation and again, relying upon the customer as the expert for their 3rd party products
      • Escalating potential integration defects
      • In situations where customers are unable to successfully follow the instructions provided in documentation and no product defect has been identified, Support will direct to Professional Services for further assistance
  • Data flows from our sensors into the Sophos Central Data Lake:

    • This is the data transiting through Sophos Central to the Data Lake
    • This includes stations, sub-stations, and micro-services
  • Normal operations of any installed product:

    • Endpoint Agent
    • Windows, Linux, and macOS sensors
    • SFOS / Sophos Log collector (Syslog) / NDR (SPAN port)
    • Including all Sophos XDR Products (Optix, Mobile, ZTNA, …+)
  • Sophos-installed elements properly operate alongside third-party elements:

    • Sophos Central operation and initial triage
    • Other anti-malware agents on Endpoints
    • Other IDS/IPS elements in the Network

      This task is limited to making sure that the suggested configuration of trunking and spanning of switch ports will not directly affect other customer products. The customer is the final authority on this.

    • Other firewalls in the Network:

      • Protocol and port configuration information for our Sophos products to properly work with a 3rd party firewall
  • Performance of the Sophos installed elements:

    • Endpoint Agent
    • Windows, Linux, and macOS sensors
  • Operation and configuration of the Integrations in Sophos Central

  • Operation and configuration of the Sophos Sensors

  • Data ingestion into the Data Lake:

    • This is the data being written into the database tables of the Data Lake