Enter your contact details

Now set up the service by ensuring that we can contact you.

  1. Go to MTR.
    MTR menu
  2. Click Settings to open the Managed Threat Response settings page.
    Managed Threat Response page
  3. In Authorized Contacts, you set up contacts in your organization. They must be Sophos Central admins.
    • Click Create new Central administrator if you need to create admins.
    • If you already have Sophos Central admins, skip to step 5.

    Create new Central Admin option
  4. In the Add User page, do as follows:
    1. Enter a user's name and email address.
    2. In Role, select Super Admin, Admin, or Help Desk.
    3. Assign the user to a group.

    If you use an email address that contacts a ticketing system, multiple users can use this admin account. To limit what they do, select the Help Desk role because it has the lowest privileges.

    Add User page
  5. In the Managed Threat Response page, enter the details of your contacts. If there’s an incident, we’ll contact each in turn till there's a response.
    1. Click the drop-down arrow beside Primary and select one of your Sophos Central admins.
    2. Enter your primary contact's details on the right of the page.
    3. Optional Click Opt out of MTR broadcast emails if you don't want your contact to get these emails. They'll still get threat notifications.
    4. Select Secondary and Tertiary contacts if you want to (recommended) and repeat the steps above.

    Broadcast emails tell you about service updates, new vulnerabilities, and heightened security threats. The MTR team send no more than one a week.

    Authorized Contacts selector

You may see a Threat response tab but you can't configure a response. You'll only receive notifications of threats.

Next you install a Sophos MTD agent on your devices.