Create Sophos Central admins

Follow these instructions to create admins.

Next you need to create admins in Sophos Central (if you haven’t already done so).

There are two kinds of Sophos Central users:

  • Users who have their devices protected with Sophos.
  • Users with admin roles, who can sign in to Sophos Central and make changes.

Your MTR contacts must be users with admin roles. This lets them sign in to change settings on request from the Sophos MTR team. Also we plan to show MTR threat case details in Sophos Central in future: contacts will need to be admins to see them.

To make your contacts admins:

  1. Sign in to with admin privileges. Only admins can create and update users.
  2. If your MTR contact is not a user already, add a new user. Go to People. Click Add and select Add User.

    Add your MTR contact as a user
  3. Enter the details of one of your MTR contacts. Select the Role and assign them to a Group.

    Enter the details for the MTR user
  4. Click Save.
Now continue to the Install Sophos MTR software section.