Sophos Central license

You must have a Sophos Central account with a valid license to migrate computers to Sophos Central.

You also need a Sophos Central account to carry out a full assessment of computers before migration. If you sign in to the account, the migration tool can compare the features on your computers with your Sophos Central license and alert you if there are any features turned on that you aren't licensed to use in Sophos Central.

Note You don't need a Sophos Central account if you want to run the tool in the basic assessment mode.

What to do if you have unlicensed features

If Sophos Central Migration Tool detects an active feature that you aren't licensed to use in Sophos Central, you can:

  • Change your Sophos Central license to include the feature. For information about available licenses, see Endpoint Protection licensing guide andServer Protection licensing guide.
  • Turn off the feature in Sophos Enterprise Console.
  • Uninstall the feature.

To see details of your Sophos Central license or licenses, go to Sophos Central.