Uninstall unsupported management tools

You must uninstall unsupported management tools.

You can't use Sophos Central Migration Tool to migrate a computer that:

  • Has Sophos Enterprise Console management server installed.
  • Has Sophos Update Manager installed.
  • Acts as a message relay between endpoint computers (running Sophos Endpoint Security and Control) and the Sophos Enterprise Console management server.
  • Has one of the following installed: PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange, Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint, or PureMessage for Lotus Domino.

How to deal with computers running management tools

If you want to migrate these computers, ensure that the Sophos management components are no longer needed and then uninstall them, as follows:

  • Sophos Enterprise Console management server: Uninstall this only after you migrate all the computers it manages.
  • Sophos Update Manager: Uninstall this only after you migrate all computers that update from it.
  • Message relays: Uninstall these only after you migrate all computers communicating through them.