Configure personal settings

You can adjust the appearance of Sophos Mobile Admin to your personal preferences. For example, you can set the language, the time zone, or the visible device platforms.

Note These settings only affect the administrator account you’re currently signed in with.
  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > General, and then click the Personal tab.
  2. Configure the following settings:

    Time zone

    The time zone in which dates are shown.

    Unit system

    The unit system for lengths (Metric or Imperial).

    Lines per page in tables

    The maximum number of entries displayed per table page.

    Expert mode

    This setting turns on additional features:

    • The Show device page includes the Custom properties tab with your custom device properties.
    • The Show device page includes the Internal properties tab with additional properties the device reports.
    • Several policy configuration pages include the Extra settings section to configure optional settings.

    Activated platforms

    The device platforms you want to view.

    In Sophos Mobile Admin, only pages and settings relevant for the selected platforms are shown.

  3. Click Save.