Create task bundle for iPhones and iPads

You create separate task bundles for Android, iOS, and other device platforms you want to manage.

To create an enrollment task bundle for your iPhones and iPads:
  1. On the menu sidebar, under CONFIGURE, select Task bundles > iOS & iPadOS.
  2. On the Task bundles page, select Create task bundle.
  3. On the Edit task bundle page, enter a name and, optionally, a description for the task bundle.
    The version is automatically incremented every time you save the task bundle.
  4. Optional If you select Selectable for compliance actions, you can transfer the task bundle to devices when they become non-compliant.

    You configure this in a compliance policy.

  5. Optional Select Ignore app installation failures to continue the task bundle processing even if an app installation fails.
    This option is only available if the task bundle contains an Install app task.
  6. Select Add task > Enroll. You’re guided through adding an enrollment task to the task bundle.
    1. Optional Change the name of the task.
      The name will be displayed in the Self Service Portal when the device is enrolled.
    2. Select the enrollment type.
      To enroll fully managed devices with this task bundle, select Full MDM.
    3. On the next page, select the policy that will be assigned to the device when it’s enrolled.
      Only policies that match the enrollment type you’ve selected are displayed.
    4. Select Finish.
  7. Optional Select Add task > Assign policy to add more policies to the task bundle, for example if you’ve configured separate policies for Exchange, VPN, or Wi-Fi settings.
  8. Optional Add more tasks to the task bundle, for example to install apps or to display a message on the device.
  9. Optional Change the installation order of the tasks by using the arrow icons on the right-hand side of the tasks list.