Use the Add device wizard

You can easily enroll new devices with the Add device wizard. It provides a workflow that combines the following tasks:

  • Add a new device to Sophos Mobile.
  • Optional: Assign a user to the device.
  • Enroll the device.
  • Optional: Transfer a task bundle to the device.
  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices, and then click Add > Add device wizard.
    Tip Alternatively, you can start the wizard in the following ways:
    • From the Dashboard page by clicking the Add device widget.
    • From the Sophos Central Admin menu by clicking Protect Devices > Start device enrollment wizard.
  2. On the User page, either enter search criteria to look up a user the device will be assigned to, or select Skip user assignment to enroll a device that will not be assigned to a user yet.
    Note You can search for partial strings, but only from the start of a field. For example, the search string example matches Example User and but not
  3. On the User selection page, select the required user from the list of users matching your search criteria.
  4. On the Device details page, configure the following settings:
    Platform The device platform.
    Name A unique name under which the device will be managed by Sophos Mobile.
    Description An optional description of the device.
    Phone number An optional phone number. Enter the number in international format, for example +491701234567.
    Email address The email address to which the enrollment instructions are sent.

    This is the email address of the user assigned to the device, as configured in Sophos Central user management.

    Owner Select the device owner type: either Corporate or Personal.
    Device group Select the device group the device will be assigned to. If you have not created a device group yet, you can select the device group Default, which is always available.
  5. On the Enrollment type page, select whether you want to enroll the device or only the Sophos container.

    Select Enroll device.

  6. Select the task bundle you’ve configured for the device platform.
  7. On the Enrollment page, follow the instructions to complete the enrollment process.
  8. When enrollment has been completed successfully, click Finish.
  • When you have made all the selections, you can close the wizard without having to wait for the Finish button to appear. An enrollment task is created and processed in the background.