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What are the key steps?
Activate Mobile Advanced licenses
Configure personal settings
You can adjust the appearance of Sophos Mobile Admin to your personal preferences. For example, you can set the language, the time zone, or the visible device platforms.
Configure IT contact
For Android devices, you can choose between the Android Enterprise and Device administrator (legacy feature) management modes.
Download the EAS proxy installer
Install the standalone EAS proxy
Set up email access control through PowerShell
When you set up the standalone EAS proxy in PowerShell mode, it connects to your Exchange mail server through PowerShell and sets email access based on the device’s compliance status.
Block email access for unmanaged devices
You can prevent devices that are not enrolled with Sophos Mobile from accessing email.
Configure a connection to the standalone EAS proxy server
Determine the Sophos Mobile server URL
You need the Sophos Mobile server URL to configure the standalone EAS proxy. The value is displayed in the Sophos Mobile system settings.
Get started with device policies
The Policies startup wizard helps you create basic device policies for all platforms. You can enhance the policies later.
Create task bundle for Android devices
You create separate task bundles for Android, iOS, and other device platforms you want to manage.
Create task bundle for iPhones and iPads
You create separate task bundles for Android, iOS, and other device platforms you want to manage.
Create Self Service Portal configurations
With a Self Service Portal configuration, you configure the types of devices that users can enroll, the enrollment details, and the device actions they can perform in the Self Service Portal.
Test device enrollment through the Self Service Portal
Use the Add device wizard
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About the Sophos Mobile startup guide (Sophos Central)

This document explains how to set up Sophos Mobile step by step to manage your devices.

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