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Determine settings for Windows MSI links

This page provides guidance on how to determine the app settings for Windows MSI links.

ProductCode GUID

If you already have the Microsoft Windows SDK installed, use the included Orca program to get the ProductCode value of an MSI file. For an example, see the description on the web page Use Orca to find MSI file GUID product code.

Alternatively, use a PowerShell script. Such scripts can be found on the internet, for example on the web page How to get MSI file information with PowerShell.


The value you enter in the ProductCode GUID field must not include surrounding brackets.

SHA-256 file hash

Use the Get-FileHash PowerShell command to get the SHA-256 hash value of an MSI file:

PS> Get-FileHash <Path-to-MSI-file>

For more information on the Get-FileHash command, see Get-FileHash.

Installation options

For information on the available command-line options for installing MSI files, see Microsoft Standard Installer Command-Line Options.