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Install app

After you’ve added an app to Sophos Mobile, you can install it on selected devices or device groups.

These instructions don’t apply to Android Enterprise. To install apps on Android Enterprise devices, see Install managed Google Play app.


iOS apps

On iPhones and iPads with User Enrollment management mode, you can only install Apple Business Manager apps (previously known as Apple VPP apps).

Windows apps

On Windows computers, you can only install free apps and apps that offer a free trial. This restriction applies to apps you install from Microsoft store, not for MSI files.

Also, note the following:

  • When you install a paid app that offers a free trial, the trial period starts automatically.
  • When you try to install a paid app that doesn’t offer a free trial, the installation fails. However, Sophos Mobile shows the installation task as successful.
  • If the computer doesn’t meet the system requirements of the app, the installation fails with the following error: A general error occurred. (error code 82).

Install app

To install an app, do as follows:

  1. On the menu sidebar, click Apps and then click the platform for which you want to install an app.
  2. On the Apps page, click the blue triangle next to the required app and then click Install.

    To open the Apps page for Android devices on which Sophos Mobile is a device administrator, click Android (Legacy) on the Apps - Android Enterprise page.

  3. Select the devices on which you want to install the app. Do one of the following:

    • Select individual devices.
    • Click Select device groups and then select one or more device groups.
  4. On the Schedule task page, set the date when the app will be installed:

    • To install the app immediately, click Now.
    • To install the app later, click Date and then enter a day and time.
  5. Click Finish.

The selected app is installed onto the selected devices at the specified date. You can display the status of the installation task on the Task view page.

Silent installation

Sophos Mobile installs the following apps silently, that is, without user interaction:

  • Apps on Android Enterprise devices.
  • Apple Business Manager apps on supervised iPhones and iPads, for apps you assigned to the device.
  • Mac apps.
  • MSI files on Windows computers, when installed with the /quiet option.

For information on assigning Apple Business Manager apps to devices, see Manage Apple Business Manager apps and Manually assign Apple Business Manager apps.

For information on installation options for MSI files, see Settings for MSI links.

Alternative procedures

You can also install an app by using one of the following options:

  • To install an app on a single device: On the device’s Show device page, select the Installed apps tab and click Install app.
  • To install an app on several devices: On the Devices page, select the required devices and then click Actions > Install app.
  • To install an app on one or more devices as part of a task bundle: Add an Install app task to the task bundle and transfer it to the required devices or device groups.