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Add private app

You can add private apps to managed Google Play. These are apps your organization has developed for internal usage. When you add a private app to managed Google Play, it’s only available to users in your organization.


When you add a private app, you can’t add it to another Google Play account. You also can’t publish it as a public app, even if you delete the private app later.


When you assign a Google Play configuration to a device to give users access to all apps from Google Play, they can’t install private apps. You can still install private apps through Sophos Mobile.

To add a private app:

  1. On the menu sidebar, click Apps > Android.
  2. On the Apps - Android Enterprise page, click Open managed Google Play to open an embedded view of managed Google Play in Sophos Mobile.

    The **Open managed Google Play** button.

  3. On the menu sidebar of the Managed Google Play window, click Private apps.

    The **Private apps** button.

  4. Click the Plus button.

    The Plus button to add a private app.

  5. Configure the app settings.

    For details, see Managed Google Play Help: Publish private apps from managed Play in your EMM console.

  6. Click Create.

    An automated approval process by Google starts.

  7. The first time you publish a private app, you must provide an email address to receive notifications from Google about your apps.

    The dialog for providing an email address.

  8. After a few minutes, click the app icon on the Private apps page.

  9. On the Edit private app page, click Select.

    If Select isn’t available, the approval process is still ongoing. Close the window and retry after another few minutes.

  10. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog to approve the app.

  11. Optional: Click Organize apps to add the app to a collection.

    Collections let you group apps in managed Google Play. For details, see Organize apps in managed Google Play.

    The **Organize apps** button.

  12. Close the Managed Google Play window.

You can see the app on the Apps - Android Enterprise page.

Users see the app in their managed Play Store app the next time the device synchronizes with Sophos Mobile.

For more information about private apps, including how to unpublish or delete a private app, see Managed Google Play Help: Publish private apps from managed Play in your EMM console.