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Settings for managed Google Play apps

On the Edit approved app page, you can view the properties of a managed Google Play app and edit its managed configuration.

Setting Description
Title The external app name as displayed in managed Google Play.
Product ID The internal app name.

The pricing type:

  • Free
  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Paid
Distribution type
  • Public (Google-hosted): The app is available to the general public in managed Google Play.
  • Private (Google-hosted): The app is developed by you and only available to users within your Managed Google Domain. The APK file was uploaded to managed Google Play.
  • Private (self-hosted): Like Private (Google-hosted), but the APK file is installed from your local server. Managed Google Play is only used to manage the distribution.
Managed Google Play URL

The web address of the app in managed Google Play and Google Play.

Click a link to open that page in your browser.

Google Play URL
Use managed configuration

For apps that offer a managed configuration, select this setting to apply the managed configuration to devices that have the app installed. See Managed configuration.

If you clear this setting, Sophos Mobile removes the managed configuration from all devices that have the app installed.

Edit managed configuration

Click this button to edit the app’s managed configuration. See Managed configuration.

Edit managed configuration is only available when you select Use managed configuration.

Managed configuration

Click the Plus symbol to expand the Managed configuration section, which shows the managed configuration you entered before August 13, 2022. For details, see Migrate managed configurations.

Managed configuration is only available when you select Use managed configuration and when you haven’t migrated your managed configuration yet.