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Prepare Apple Business Manager devices

Before you hand over Apple Business Manager devices to your users, you must assign them to Sophos Mobile and assign an Apple Business Manager profile to them.

Only users registered in Sophos Central Self Service Portal can activate Apple Business Manager devices.

To prepare your Apple Business Manager devices, do as follows:

  1. Sign in to Apple Business Manager with an account that has the Administrator or Device Enrollment Manager role.

  2. In Apple Business Manager, assign your devices to the Sophos Mobile MDM server.

    See Apple Business Manager User Guide: Assign, reassign, or unassign devices in Apple Business Manager.


    When you purchase devices from a reseller, Apple may need up to 24 hours to add them to Apple Business Manager after receiving the order.

Skip the remaining steps if you’ve configured a default profile as described in Create Apple Business Manager profile.

  1. In Sophos Central Admin, go to My Products > Mobile.
  2. On the menu sidebar, click Devices and then Apple DEP.
  3. If required, click Synchronize with Apple Business Manager to update the device list.

    You might also have to refresh the browser page.

  4. Select the new devices and click Actions > Assign profile.

  5. In the confirmation dialog, select the Apple Business Manager profile you want to assign to the devices.

You can now hand over the devices to your users. When the users switch on their devices for the first time, they enroll with Sophos Mobile as supervised devices.


To complete the enrollment process, users must open the Sophos Mobile Control app on the device and let it sync with Sophos Mobile.

For information on how to automatically assign a user to the device, see Auto-assign users to auto-enrolled devices.