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Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise simplifies the management of Android devices in a corporate environment.

Android Enterprise devices enrolled with Sophos Mobile can have one of the following management modes.

Full device

On an Android Enterprise fully managed device, Sophos Mobile can monitor and manage all settings, apps and data.

Android Enterprise full device management differs from the Android device administrator permission in the following ways:

  • Users have a simplified enrollment experience.
  • Users don’t need to set up a personal Google account on the device.
  • By default, Android Enterprise users only have access to apps you’ve approved in managed Google Play. With a Google Play configuration, you can give users access to all apps from Google Play.
  • Only a minimum set of apps is enabled by default: Google Play Store, Contacts, Messages, Phone.
  • You can install, uninstall or update apps without user interaction.
  • You can configure app permissions so that users are not asked to grant permissions at runtime.
  • For apps that support it, you can configure custom app settings.
  • You can reset the screen lock password.
  • You can configure a kiosk mode that restricts app usage to a selection of apps, not just a single app.
  • You can only enroll devices that have not been set up yet, or that have been reset to their factory settings.
  • There is no dedicated unenroll action. To unenroll a device, wipe it.

Work profile

On an Android Enterprise work profile device, Sophos Mobile can only monitor and manage settings, apps and data within the work profile.

Work profile management is suitable for BYOD (bring your own device) scenarios.

Dedicated device

An Android Enterprise dedicated device, formerly called a COSU (corporate-owned single-use) device, is locked to a single app or a set of apps. Use this for devices that serve a special purpose, for example a kiosk application.

To set up a dedicated device, assign a Kiosk mode configuration to a fully managed device.

See Kiosk mode configuration (Android Enterprise device policy) and Set up a device in corporate-owned single-use mode.

More resources

This video explains how to enroll Android devices with Sophos Mobile using Android Enterprise.

You can also view this video on the Sophos Techvids page. See Sophos Mobile: Android Enterprise Management and Enrollment.