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Enroll individual devices

  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices and then click the device that you want to enroll.
  2. On the Show device page, select an enrollment type:

    • To enroll the device with Sophos Mobile, click Actions > Enroll.
    • To enroll the Sophos container, click Actions > Enroll Sophos container.
  3. For Sophos container enrollment, select a task bundle or policy.

The enrollment task is started and displayed on the Task view page. An email with enrollment instructions is sent to the user.


The Sophos container is only available for Sophos Central accounts created before October 1, 2022 and for accounts migrated from an on-premise installation of Sophos Mobile.


On iPhones and iPads, users must go to the Settings app to install the configuration profile. If they don’t install the profile within 8 minutes, it will be deleted and you must start over.

This restriction doesn’t apply to devices you assign to Sophos Mobile using Apple Business Manager or Apple Configurator, or to iPhones with iOS 12.1.x or earlier.

On Macs, the enrollment must be performed by the user that will be managed by Sophos Mobile. To install the enrollment policy, the user must enter an administrator password.