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Enroll iPhones and iPads without Apple ID

You can enroll an iPhone or iPad with Sophos Mobile without having to associate the device with an Apple ID first. This can be useful for example to configure the device before handing it over to a user.

The standard enrollment method includes the installation of the Sophos Mobile Control app onto the device. Because the app is installed from the App Store and an Apple ID is required to access the App Store, you need to associate the device with the ID before starting the enrollment.

Alternatively, you can enroll an iPhone or iPad without installing the Sophos Mobile Control app, so there is no need to associate the device with an Apple ID. This is provided by:

In the assistant, do as follows:

  1. On the Enrollment page, select the Enrollment without Apple ID tab.
  2. Use the device's web browser to open the enrollment URL. This opens a Sophos Mobile enrollment form.
  3. In that form, enter the token and then click Enroll.
  4. Follow the instructions on the device to install the enrollment task bundle.


You must go to the Settings app to install the configuration profile you’ve downloaded. If you don’t install the profile within 8 minutes, it will be deleted and you must start over.

This restriction doesn’t apply to devices you assign to Sophos Mobile using Apple Business Manager or Apple Configurator.