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Knox Mobile Enrollment

With Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), you can enroll Samsung devices with Sophos Mobile in bulk. Knox Mobile Enrollment enabled devices automatically enroll with Sophos Mobile when the users turn them on.

For details on Knox Mobile Enrollment, see the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment documentation.


  • You have a Samsung account.
  • You have an account for the Samsung Knox Admin Portal.
  • The devices you want to enroll have Knox 2.4 or later, depending on the enrollment scenario you want to use. For example, Knox 2.8 or later is required for Android Enterprise full device management.
  • For enrollment in Android Enterprise mode, you’ve set up Android Enterprise in Sophos Mobile for the Managed Google Play Account scenario. See Set up Android Enterprise (Managed Google Play Account scenario).

Configuration steps

To use Knox Mobile Enrollment, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn on Knox Mobile Enrollment in Sophos Mobile Admin and configure enrollment details. See Set up Knox Mobile Enrollment.
  2. Create a profile for Sophos Mobile in the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment console. See Create KME profile.
  3. Purchase Knox Mobile Enrollment enabled devices.
  4. Assign the KME profile for Sophos Mobile to the devices. See Deploy KME devices.