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User-less Android devices

With the QR code and Zero-touch enrollment methods, you can enroll user-less Android Enterprise devices such as kiosk devices.


Enrolling user-less devices requires the Managed Google Play account scenario. See Managed Google Play Account scenario.

User-less devices are Android Enterprise fully managed devices that you don’t connect to an email account during enrollment. Sophos Mobile doesn’t assign a user to the device. If required, you can manually assign a user later. See Assign a user to a device.

Although there’s no email account connected to the device, Google assigns an internal user account. You see the account ID on the device’s Internal properties tab. The property name is afw_play_emm_managed_device_account_user_id. See Internal properties.

See the sections below for configuring user-less device enrollment.

QR code enrollment

QR code enrollment lets you create different QR codes for user-assigned and user-less devices. To configure user-less QR code enrollment, go to Setup > Google setup > QR code enrollment (user-less). For details, see Set up QR code enrollment.

Zero-touch enrollment

When setting up Zero-touch enrollment, you must decide whether to enroll user-assigned or user-less devices. You do this with the User authentication checkbox on the Zero-touch tab. For details, see Set up zero-touch enrollment.