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Deploy zero-touch devices

To have a zero-touch enabled Android device (“zero-touch device”) enroll with Sophos Mobile, you assign it the Sophos Mobile configuration.

  1. Check that the devices you want to deploy are registered in the Google zero-touch enrollment portal.

    Usually, the reseller registers the devices for you.

  2. In the Google zero-touch enrollment portal, assign the Sophos Mobile configuration to the devices.

    Alternatively, select the Sophos Mobile configuration as default configuration to assign it to new devices automatically.

  3. Distribute the devices to your users.

    Users must have a Sophos Mobile user account.

When a user turns the device on for the first time, the Android setup assistant starts. After the device has connected to the internet, it enrolls with Sophos Mobile as an Android Enterprise fully managed device.


If a device is already set up when you register it in the Google zero-touch enrollment portal, it’s reset to its factory settings.