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Kiosk mode (Android device policy)

With the Kiosk mode configuration you define restrictions for devices to put them into a kiosk mode.

You can set an app, called kiosk app, that is run on the device.


If the kiosk app is not installed on the device when you assign the policy, the status of the assign task will be Incomplete until you install the app.

Setting Description
Select source

With this setting you select how to enter the kiosk app.

  • Custom: This option lets you enter the kiosk app’s identifier.
  • App list: This option lets you select the kiosk app from the list of Android apps that you’ve added to Sophos Mobile.
  • No app: There is no kiosk app. Kiosk mode restrictions are applied to the device but no app is started.
App ID The kiosk app.

Device features that you can turn off in kiosk mode.

If you don’t turn off any device features, the user will be able to leave the kiosk app and use the device as normal. To set the device into a true kiosk mode, at least turn off Allow Home button and Allow task manager.

For Sony devices with Enterprise API level 9 or later, if you deselect any of Allow volume up, Allow volume down, or Allow volume mute, all volume buttons are turned off.