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App permissions configuration (Android Enterprise device policy)

The App permissions configuration lets you set the response for permission requests from apps.


You can only configure runtime permissions, which are a subset of permissions an app can ask for. Users still get requests for app features such as battery optimization or accessibility capabilities. This is an Android limitation.

Setting Description
Default response for runtime permission requests

The default response for runtime permission requests:

  • Prompt: Users are prompted to grant a permission.
  • Auto-accept: All runtime permission requests are automatically granted.
  • Auto-deny: All runtime permission requests are automatically denied.

Users can’t edit permissions later if you select Auto-accept or Auto-deny.

App-specific runtime permissions

Grant or deny runtime permissions for specific apps.

Click Add to select an app and then select one of the following for each permission:

  • Selectable: Users can edit the permission.
  • Granted: The permission is granted.
  • Denied: The permission is denied.