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Access Point Name configuration (iOS device policy)

With the Access Point Name configuration you specify an Access Point Name (APN) configuration for iPhones and iPads. APN configurations define how devices connect to a mobile network.


The Access Point Name configuration is deprecated in favor of the Cellular configuration. See Cellular configuration (iOS device policy).


If these settings are not correct, the device can’t access data using the cellular network. To undo settings changes, the policy must be removed from the device.

Setting Description

The APN that the device quotes when it opens a GPRS connection with the carrier.

This must match an APN that the carrier accepts. Otherwise, the connection cannot be established.

User name for access point

The username for the access point.

iPhones and iPads support APN usernames of up to 64 characters.

Password for access point

The password for the access point.

iPhones and iPads support APN passwords of up to 64 characters.

Server The address and port of the proxy server.