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Wallpaper configuration (iOS device policy)


This configuration only applies to supervised devices.

With the Wallpaper configuration you define background images for the lock screen and the Home screen of iPhones and iPads.


Users can change the wallpaper at any time.

Setting Description
Apply to Select whether the image is used for the Lock screen, for the Home Screen, or both.

Select a PNG or JPEG image with a maximum file size of 5 MB that is used for the wallpaper.

iOS crops and scales the image as required. For best results, use the following image sizes (in pixels):

  • 640 × 1136 (iPhone 5)
  • 750 × 1334 (iPhone 6/7)
  • 1242 × 2208 (iPhone 6/7 Plus)
  • 1536 × 2048 (iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air)
  • 2048 × 2732 (iPad Pro)