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LDAP configuration (macOS user policy)

With the LDAP configuration you add user information from an LDAP directory to the macOS Address Book app.


To configure a Mac to join an Active Directory domain, use the Directory service configuration. See Directory service configuration (macOS device policy).

Setting Description
Account description A description of the LDAP connection.
Host name The host name or IP address of the LDAP server.
User name The sign-in credentials Sophos Mobile uses to connect to the LDAP server.
Use SSL/TLS The connection to the LDAP server is secured by SSL or TLS (depending on what the server supports).
Search settings The nodes in the LDAP tree to start searching from, and the search scope.

The path to the start node for the search.

For example: ou=users,o=my company


The scope of sub-nodes to include in the search:

  • Base node only: Only the base node.
  • Base node and direct child nodes: The base node and its child nodes, that is the first-level sub-nodes.
  • Base node and all sub-nodes: The base node and all sub nodes.
Description A description of the search setting.