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Export Windows Wi-Fi profile

You need to export a Wi-Fi profile from a Windows computer if you want to create a Sophos Mobile Wi-Fi configuration from an existing connection.

Perform this procedure on a Windows computer on which the Wi-Fi connection is listed under Known networks.

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator.
  2. Check the required profile is available:

    netsh wlan show profiles
  3. Export the profile:

    netsh wlan export profile "<SSID>" key=clear folder=<Destination>

    Replace <SSID> by the profile name and <Destination> by the destination folder of the profile file (for example c:\temp).

The profile is exported to an XML file. You can use the file in a Sophos Mobile Wi-Fi configuration. See Wi-Fi configuration (Windows policy).


The XML file contains the unencrypted Wi-Fi password. For security reasons, we strongly recommend you delete the file after you’ve uploaded it to Sophos Mobile.