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Host Sophos apps on your web server

You can host the Android apps users install during enrollment, Sophos Mobile Control and Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, on an internal web server instead of Google Play.


This option introduces a security risk. When you host Sophos apps on an internal web server, you must allow app installations from outside Google Play in general.

Make sure the latest app version is installed on the mobile devices. Regularly upload the newest version from the Support Downloads web page to your web server and then use a task bundle to install it on the devices.

To configure the installation source for Sophos Mobile Control and Sophos Intercept X for Mobile:

  1. On the menu sidebar, select Setup > Google setup and then the Android tab.
  2. Under Select installation source, select Hosted APK file.
  3. Enter the URL of Sophos Mobile Control in URL of the SMC APK file.

    For example, if you have copied the APK file to an smc subdirectory below the deployment directory of your web server, enter this URL: <web_server_address>/smc/smc.apk

  4. Likewise, enter the URL of Intercept X for Mobile in URL of the Intercept X for Mobile APK file.

    This requires a Mobile Advanced or Intercept X for Mobile license.

  5. Click Save.