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Set synchronization interval (Android)

You can configure the interval at which devices synchronize with Sophos Mobile.

Android devices on which Sophos Mobile manages Sophos Mobile Control synchronize as follows:

  • Server-initiated: At the interval you set in the Maximum interval between SMC synchronizations compliance rule, Sophos Mobile sends a synchronization request to the device. If you don’t set a value, the interval is 24 hours.
  • Device-initiated: To make sure devices synchronize even if they don’t receive notifications, they also synchronize at the interval you set on the Google setup page.

To set the interval for device-initiated synchronization, do as follows:

  1. On the menu sidebar, select Setup > Google setup and then the Android tab.
  2. Under SMC app sync interval, select an interval from the Sync interval list.

    The default synchronization interval is sufficient in most cases. A shorter interval impacts the device’s battery life and data consumption and increases server load.

  3. Click Save.