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View unfinished, failed and latest finished tasks

  1. On the menu sidebar, click Tasks.
  2. On the Task view page, the State column shows the task status, for example, Completely failed.
  3. In the Refresh interval (in sec.) field, you can select how often the Task view page is to be refreshed.
  4. To view further details about a task, click the Show magnifier icon next to the required task.

    The Task details page is displayed. Besides general information on the task (for example, device name, package name and creator) it shows the states a specific task went through, including timestamps and error codes.

    If there are commands to be executed by the device, an additional Details button is available on the Task details page.

  5. If available, click Details to view the commands to be processed by the device.

    If there was no error, the error code is 0. If a command has failed, the error code is displayed.

    In most cases there is also a description of what may have caused the command to fail.

  6. To return to the Task details page, click Back.