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Manage users for Android Enterprise (Managed Google Domain scenario)


This page describes the management of Google user accounts if you have set up Android Enterprise using the Managed Google Domain scenario.

For the Managed Google Play Account scenario, Sophos Mobile transparently manages the Google accounts of your users.

A user must have a Managed Google Account to enroll an Android Enterprise device. This account is connected to the domain that you registered with Google.

Account names are formed like an email addresses, for example user@your_managed_Google_domain.

When a user enrolls a device in Sophos Central Self Service Portal, Sophos Mobile checks if a Managed Google Account for the user already exists on the Google server. For this, the left part of the user’s email address in Sophos Mobile is combined with your Managed Google Domain. If an account with that name does not exist, Sophos Mobile creates it.


If the user’s email address in Sophos Mobile is and your Managed Google Domain is your_managed_Google_domain, Sophos Mobile checks the Google server for an account user@your_managed_Google_domain.

Other than creating a Managed Google Account for the user during enrollment, Sophos Mobile does not manage the account lifecycle. If you delete the user account in Sophos Mobile, the user’s Managed Google Account remains.

You can manage the accounts for your Managed Google Domain from the Google Admin console.

If required, you can create accounts from your LDAP directory, using Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS). See the Google document About Google Cloud Directory Sync.