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Set up Android Enterprise (Managed Google Play Account scenario)

Sophos Mobile guides you through the procedure to set up Android Enterprise for your organization.


We recommend that you create a new Google account for Android Enterprise.

  1. On the menu sidebar, select Setup > Google setup and then the Android Enterprise tab.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. Select “Managed Google Play Account” scenario and then Next.
  4. Select Register account.

    This redirects you to a Google website where you register your organization with Android Enterprise.

  5. Sign in to the Google website with your Google account.

  6. On the Google website, follow the steps to register your organization.


    When specifying your organization name, we recommend that you include the term Sophos Mobile.

    For example: Organization name (Sophos Mobile)

    After you have completed the registration steps, the Google website redirects you back to Sophos Mobile.

  7. In Sophos Mobile, select Finalize setup to complete the registration process.