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EAS proxy architecture examples

Learn how to integrate the Sophos Mobile EAS proxy into your organization’s infrastructure.

For a list of mail servers that the EAS proxy supports, see the Requirements section in the Release notes.

EAS proxy with Sophos Mobile

Client certificate authorization

EAS proxy behind a load balancer

PowerShell mode

You can set up a PowerShell connection to Exchange Server or Exchange Online. The Sophos Mobile EAS proxy connects to the mail server via PowerShell to control mail access for your devices.

PowerShell mode has the following advantages over proxy mode:

  • Devices communicate directly with the Exchange mail server.
  • Because no mail traffic needs to go through the Sophos Mobile EAS proxy, you don’t need to open a port for inbound mail in your firewall.
  • You can block mail access for unmanaged devices.
  • PowerShell mode supports Exchange Online and Exchange Server, whereas proxy mode only supports Exchange Server.