Sophos Chrome Security

Sophos Chrome Security is a security extension for Chrome devices.

Restriction This feature isn’t available with the Mobile Standard license.

When you enroll Sophos Chrome Security with Sophos Mobile, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Find the device.
  • Send a message to the device.
  • Configure websites that users are allowed to access.

Enrollment options:

  • Manual enrollment:

    You can enroll a Chrome device with Sophos Mobile using the Add device wizard or the Sophos Central Self Service portal. The user must install Sophos Chrome Security on their device and enter an enrollment token.

  • Auto-enrollment:

    If you have a G Suite account, you can configure the Sophos Chrome Security extension to automatically enroll with Sophos Mobile when a G Suite user signs in to a Chrome device.

Note The user’s email address you configure in Sophos Mobile doesn’t need to match the account name a user uses to sign in to Chrome. To get that account name, check the system_user_account device property on the Show device page.