Configure sync interval

You can configure the sync interval of the Sophos Mobile Control Android app.

The Sophos Mobile Control Android app synchronizes with the server at these times:

  • Immediately, when there’s an event that requires synchronization.
  • On request, when triggered by the server via Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and, optionally, Baidu Cloud Push.
  • Every 24 hours or at an interval that you configure.
Note Only configure a shorter interval than 24 hours if FCM or Baidu Cloud Push don’t work reliably in your environment. A shorter interval impacts battery life and data consumption and causes a higher server load.

To configure the Sophos Mobile Control sync interval, do as follows:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, select Setup > Google setup and then the Android tab.
  2. Under SMC app sync interval, select a value from the Sync interval list.
  3. Click Save.