Set up Apple User Enrollment

To set up Apple User Management in Sophos Mobile, you create a policy and configure enrollment settings for Sophos Central Self Service Portal.

Before you set up Apple User Enrollment, complete the following:

  • Enroll your organization with Apple Business Manager.
  • Set up managing Apple Business Manager apps in Sophos Mobile.

To set up Apple User Enrollment, do as follows:

  1. Create an iOS & iPadOS user policy.
  2. Create a task bundle with an Enroll task.

    When in the Add enrollment task assistant, select iOS User Enrollment.

    Select the "iOS User Enrollment" enrollment type
  3. Optional Add a policy to the task bundle to assign it to devices when they enroll.

    You can choose to assign the policy later or assign no policy.

    Select a policy
  4. Optional If required, you can add Install app and Send message tasks to the task bundle.
  5. Optional Create a device group for devices with Apple User Enrollment.
  6. Create a Self Service Portal configuration or edit an existing configuration.

    When you configure the platform settings, select your task bundle in Enrollment package.

    SSP platform settings for Apple User Enrollment

Before a user can enroll a personal iPhone or iPad, you must create a Managed Apple ID for them in Apple Business Manager.