Set up Mobile Threat Defense in Microsoft Azure

In the second step to set up Mobile Threat Defense, you configure the Sophos Mobile Threat Defense connector, add the Intercept X app, and create a device compliance policy.

Prerequisite: You’ve configured Mobile Threat Defense in Sophos Mobile.
  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal with your Azure administrator account.
  2. Select All services > Intune.
  3. In the Intune pane, select Device compliance > Mobile Threat Defense.
  4. Under MTD connector, select Sophos.
  5. Turn on the features you want to use and then select Save.

    The connector status changes from “Available” to “Enabled”.

  6. Add the Intercept X Android app as described in “Add Android store apps to Microsoft Intune”.
    For Appstore URL, enter
  7. Add the Intercept X iOS app as described in “Add iOS store apps to Microsoft Intune”.
    In Search the App Store, enter Sophos Intercept X for Mobile.
  8. Assign the apps to your Intune users as described in “Assign apps to groups with Microsoft Intune”.
  9. Create two compliance policies (one for Android devices, one for iPhones and iPads) as described in the Microsoft document Create a compliance policy in Microsoft Intune.

This completes the Mobile Threat Defense setup.

Next, add your devices to Mobile Threat Defense.