Set up Apple VPP

To set up Apple VPP, upload the sToken (service token) of your Apple VPP account to Sophos Mobile and configure app assignment settings.
  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > Apple setup, and then click the Apple VPP tab.
  2. Click the Apple iTunes VPP Portal link.
    This opens the Apple VPP web portal in a new browser window.
  3. On that page, select Business.
  4. In the Business Store Sign In dialog, enter your Apple ID and your password.
  5. Go to the Account Summary page and click Download Token.
    The sToken is generated and saved to your local computer in a text file with extension .vpptoken, using the download settings of your web browser.
  6. Optional Move the sToken file to a location that you can access from Sophos Mobile Admin.
  7. In Sophos Mobile Admin, go back to the Apple VPP tab , click Upload a file, select the sToken file and then click Open.
    Sophos Mobile reads in the file and populates the Organization and Expiry date fields from the sToken details.
  8. In Automatically assign VPP apps on installation, configure the automatic assignment of VPP apps. See Automatically assign VPP apps.
  9. Optional Select Automatically update iOS VPP apps assigned to devices to inform the user if there’s an update available for a VPP app. This applies to VPP apps assigned to an iPhone or iPad.

    For VPP apps assigned to a user, the user must check the App Store for updates.

  10. Optional Fill out the remaining fields of the Apple VPP tab.
    In the Country field, enter your two-letter country code, for example US for the United States.
  11. Click Save.