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Use the Search field in the page header to find help topics containing specific terms.

Search field.

When using the help on devices with a smaller display, you might have to click the Search button to show the Search field.

Search button.

Enter a single term to search for pages containing that term.


firewall finds pages containing the term "firewall".

Enter several terms, separated by spaces, to search for pages containing one of the terms.

In the search results, pages containing several terms appear before pages containing only one term. Likewise, pages containing a term several times appear before pages containing the term only once.


firewall policy finds pages containing "firewall", "policy", or both.

The search is case-insensitive.


Firewall Policy, firewall policy, and fIrEwAll pOlIcY all find the same pages.


You can't search for phrases, that is, word combinations. Adding quotation marks around your search terms finds the same pages as without quotation marks.


"firewall policy" is the same as firewall policy. It finds pages containing "firewall", "policy", or both.


You can add the wildcard character * to the beginning, the end, or inside a search term to match any number of characters, including zero.


complian* finds pages containing, for example, "compliance" and "compliant".


Search terms aren't required to match full words, but they can only match at the beginning of a word. To search for a substring inside a word, use the * wildcard.


ware matches "warehouse" but not "software".

*ware matches both "software" and "warehouse", and also "malware" and "ransomware", for example.

Required terms

By default, the search combines search terms with a logical OR. That is, it finds pages containing any of the terms.

To search for pages containing all the terms (logical AND), prepend each term with a plus + character.


+firewall +policy finds pages containing "firewall" and "policy".

+firewall policy finds pages containing "firewall" that may or may not contain "policy". In the search results, pages containing both terms appear before pages containing only one term.

Excluded terms

To search for pages not containing a term, prepend the term with a minus - character.


+firewall -policy finds pages containing "firewall" but not "policy".

To limit the search to page titles, prepend the term with title:.


title:firewall title:policy finds pages containing "firewall" and "policy" in the title.

title:firewall policy finds pages containing "firewall" in the title and "policy" in the title or body.