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About Sophos Mobile Admin

Sophos Mobile Admin is the central instrument for managing devices with Sophos Mobile. It is the web interface of the server used for device management. With the web portal you can implement a corporate policy for the use of devices and apply it to the devices that are enrolled with Sophos Mobile.

In Sophos Mobile Admin you can:

  • Configure the system, for example personal settings or platform-specific settings.
  • Configure compliance policies and define actions to be taken if devices no longer comply with the rules specified. See Compliance policies.
  • Enroll devices with Sophos Mobile. See Add devices.
  • Provision new devices. See Enroll devices.
  • Define security policies for devices. See Policies.
  • Create task bundles to bundle several tasks and transfer them to the devices in one transaction. See Task bundles.
  • Configure Sophos Central Self Service Portal settings. See Configure Sophos Central Self Service Portal.
  • Carry out administrative tasks on devices. See Manage devices.
  • Create and view reports. See Reports.