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Import app group

You can create an app group by importing a list of apps from a CSV file.

You can import up to 10,000 apps.

The CSV file must have the following specification:

  • The first row is treated as a header and is not imported.
  • Values must be separated by semicolon, not by comma.
  • All rows must have the correct number of semicolon characters, even if you leave out optional values.
  • The file extension must be .csv.
  • To ensure that non-English characters are imported correctly, the file must be UTF-8 encoded.


On the Import apps page, click Example CSV to download a sample file.

To import apps from a CSV file and add them to an app group:

  1. On the menu sidebar, click App groups and then click the platform for which you want to create the app group.
  2. On the App group page, click Create app group.
  3. On the Edit app group page, enter a Name for the new app group and then click Import apps.
  4. On the Import apps page, click Upload a file and then navigate to the CSV file that you have prepared.

    The entries are read in from the file and are displayed.

  5. If the data is not formatted correctly or is inconsistent, the file as a whole cannot be imported. In this case, follow the error messages that are displayed next to the relevant entries, correct the content of the CSV file accordingly and upload it again.

  6. Click Finish to add the apps to the app group.
  7. On the Edit app group page, click Save.