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Assign a user to a device

  1. On the menu sidebar, click Devices.
  2. On the Devices page, click the blue triangle next to the required device and then click Edit.
  3. On the Edit device page, click the Edit user assignment icon Edit. next to the User field and then click the relevant entry from the selection list:

    • To assign a user to a device that has no user assigned to it yet, click Assign user to device.
    • To assign a different user to a device that already has a user assigned to it, click Reassign user to device.
    • To reload the user list from the LDAP directory, click Refresh user details.
  4. On the Enter user search parameters page of the assignment dialog, use the Search all fields field to search all data fields of the user account.

    For example, enter the user name or the email address.

    You can search for partial strings, but only from the start of a field. For example, the search string example matches Example User and but not

  5. On the Select user page, select the user and then click Apply.

  6. On the Edit device page, click Save.