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Device management status

The management status shows whether a device is managed or not and, for unmanaged devices, why it’s unmanaged.

Management status values

Devices can have one of the following management statuses:

  • Managed: The device is enrolled with Sophos Mobile.
  • Not managed: The device was added to Sophos Mobile but isn’t enrolled yet.
  • Unenrolled: A previously managed device was unenrolled from Sophos Mobile.
  • Checked out: The user has manually removed the device management profile from the device, rather than unenrolling the device.

    This status only applies to iPhones and iPads.

  • Wiped: A previously managed device was wiped remotely through Sophos Mobile.

  • Enrolling: The device is being enrolled with Sophos Mobile.

View management status

To check the management status, hover over the device’s Managed icon on the Devices page.

The management status in the device list.

To filter devices by management status, use the extended filter.

The management status filter.